Terms and Conditions of Hire

We are very relaxed and want you to have a good time and enjoy our wares but all bookings are subject to the below hire terms and conditions.


All props are used and generally vintage therefore reasonable signs of wear and tear will show as they are continual hire items. Some items may be damaged in prior hires and the exact item may not be able to be replaced but we will always do our best to ensure you have something similar or refund the hire price for that item.


A non-refundable deposit (the amount of your bond) is required to be paid to The Vintage Way to confirm your booking.


Unless prior arrangements are made between The Vintage Way and the Hirer(s), the total invoice must be paid 1 month before delivery or pick up of any items. In a case where this does not happen, the goods will not be released and your deposit is non-refundable.

If you wish to make a booking in less than 1 month before you require the goods, the full price of your order is to be paid before your booking can be confirmed.

If the hirer requests to have item(s) removed from the invoice after the deposit is paid; then payment is still required in full of the total cost of that hire item(s).

All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars. Please note that a 25% surcharge will be included on gazette public holidays.


All quotes provided expire within 7 calendar days. We reserve the right to adjust the price in any quotation once the expiry period has been reached. Goods are hired on a “first come, first served” basis and quotation does not guarantee the availability of any or all items.


If you need to cancel your booking,  1 months notice before delivery or pick up must be given or a total of the 100% of the bill will be invoiced to the hirer(s) stated on the invoice.

Cancellations are requested in writing by email by the hirer(s) on the invoice. Your deposit of 50% of your invoice is non-refundable.


We accept credit card, Direct Deposit and PayPal. All invoice must be paid in full 1 month prior to collection.


Please note that all Sydney packages include delivery and collection in the advertised price.

Central Coast prices quoted on our website do not include delivery. Collection and return is from Terrigal, NSW by arrangement.


A security bond is required and held in the case of any and all damages, breakages, theft or unaccounted hire items from The Vintage Way. The security amount will be determined based on your final order and is due with your final payment. The security bond will not be refunded until all goods are returned in the same condition that they were hired. Your security bond will be returned within 10 calendar days from the return date, less cost of any damages, breakages, professional cleaning costs, repairs or shortages. If the amount owing for damaged, dirty or non-returned items exceeds the bond paid, then the hirer must pay the difference you will be invoiced this amount.


Any loss of pieces to the lawn games may render them unable to be played. If this occurs, the hirer will be charged the replacement cost of the complete game as in many instances singular replacement pieces cannot be purchased.


When goods are received, it is your responsibility to check the itemised receipt to confirm all goods have been delivered. If item(s) are missing from your order and are shown on the receipt is your responsibility to inform The Vintage Way immediately.


Hire rates are based on a 5 day period. If you require the items for a longer period, this can be arranged in your original booking and will depend on the availability of the goods and may be charged at additional costs per extra day. A quote of any additional hire period will be provided by The Vintage Way at the request of the Hirer(s).


If the items hired are not returned on the scheduled date, a late payment fee of $20 per day per item will be charged. If the items are not returned and they have been hired out by another client then the full bond amount will be forfeited.


There must be a site contact at all timed during delivery and collection days to sign for both the delivery and collection. You must provide us with the name(s) of this person(s) and contact details. Drop off access must be arranged by the Hirer(s) prior to driver arriving. Help will be required to lift furniture on arrival.


There must be a site contact at all timed during pick up and collection days to sign. You must provide us with the name(s) of this person(s) and contact details. Pick up access must be arranged by the Hirer(s) prior to driver arriving. Help will be required to lift furniture on arrival. All props must be moved by the Hirer(s) to one pickup location.


If The Vintage Way is setting up your props, you are responsible for allowing sufficient time and access to the venue for set up


It is the Hirer(s) responsibility to ensure all crockery, glassware and linen is cleaned if used; goods must be re-packaged exactly as delivered.


Insurance is not covered by The Vintage Way, once the goods have left our location. The Hirer(s) are responsible for maintaining all appropriate polices of instance, covering liability, property and casualty insurances in amounts necessary to full protect the owner against all claims, loss or damage.

The Hirer(s) assumes all responsibilities and liabilities once items have left The Vintage Way premises.


In the event that The Vintage Way is issued with a fine due to the instructions of the client, the fine will be payable by the client.

STYLING inclusions & exclusions

Our styling packages do not include the following as it is expected that your venue will supply. If not,  as your stylist we are more than happy to source any items you need (for the best prices available) and the hirer(s) simply pay the invoice direct to the suppliers

Not included:

  • Table and/or chairs for the reception or ceremony (other than props listed in our hire range)
  • Tablecloths (other than hessian runners)
  • Chair covers
  • Chairs sashes
  • Cutlery, glasses or serving platters (other than those associated with the drinks stations or sweet bars)
  • Lollies for sweet bars
  • Drinks or alcohol for drink bars
  • Bonbonniere
  • Lighting required for the venue
  • Camera and film for DIY photo booth


This fee covers the cost of our staff who have to stay later to meet customers or attend the warehouse on days when the warehouse is usually shut. If you are later than 30 minutes of your nominated collection and return time (we know how bad Sydney traffic can get) then you may be charged a $30 late fee. If you do not show up at your nominated collection or return time and the warehouse has to be opened specifically for you to return your hire items then you may be charged a $50 late fee.