Barrie Roofing – Why Upgrade to Synthetic Shingles?

The roofing medium of choice for most residential homeowners is shingles and although they’re effective, their lifespan is not as long as they should be. To ensure your home’s roof lasts a lifetime, you should consider upgrading to the latest technology in the form of synthetic shingles that can stand up to the elements and are much more durable than their predecessors.

Do metal roofs rust?

A top-notch barrie roofing company like the ones at Ainger Group will recommend the right product for your unique needs, install it efficiently and with minimal inconvenience to you and your family. They’ll take the time to discuss your goals and objectives, provide you with a complete quote, explain what’s required and when it will be completed.

Roofing in the big picture

The biggest benefit of working with Ainger Group is that we will not only take care of the installation, but we’ll provide you with regular inspections so that you know when your home’s roof is at its best. A yearly checkup can go a long way towards catching minor problems before they become major issues.

We will also provide you with a free estimate for any projects you may have in mind. Whether you are looking for a new metal roof, an upgrade to your current shingles or an aesthetically pleasing eavestrough installation in the Barrie area, we can handle it all.

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