Full Service Medical Billing

Full Service Medical Billing is an all-in-one billing solution that covers everything from coding to insurance claims. This is ideal for practices that need a comprehensive revenue cycle management (RCM) package without the need for a large investment or lengthy contract.

What is 2 billing cycles?

The best Full Service Medical Billing companies also offer other services like patient statements and follow-ups. These features help you keep patient accounts accounted for and pay for their bills on time, which helps increase your cash flow. Find out : https://emedpartners.com/services

Coding: A good medical coding company follows the latest medical reimbursement rules and performs CPT and DRG coding audits to ensure that you are reimbursed properly. They also perform coding validations, verifying the accuracy of claims.

First Pass Acceptance Rate: A good medical billing service has a high first pass acceptance rate on insurance claims. This means that it submits your claims on the first try and is able to get them accepted and paid by insurance companies, which is important for getting your practice refunded quickly and for improving your cash flow.

Customer service: A good Full Service Medical Billing provider will provide excellent customer service and support to you and your team. It will communicate with you on a regular basis and help you understand the progress of your claims.

Price: A good Full Service Medical Billing service typically charges a percentage of net monthly collections, between 3% and 9%. This reflects the cost of an in-house certified medical coder and their associated software licenses and fees.

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