Property Investment Melbourne Continues to Provide Strong Returns

The Australian real estate market continues to provide strong returns for investors, with the most transparent and stable housing markets in the world. Property Investment Melbourne is the country’s second most liveable city with a population of more than 5.1 million and boasts a thriving economy, high levels of education, health and community services, vibrant restaurant scene, and a range of cultural and sporting events.

Are property prices falling in Melbourne?

Unlike Sydney, which has had a more dramatic recovery from the property downturn, Melbourne’s diversified economy and stable supply of jobs have helped it maintain its strength. It is also the only major capital city where property prices have actually increased this year, despite some challenging economic conditions.

As a result, Melbourne’s vacancy rates continue to decline which will help keep rental incomes high and encourage tenants to stay longer. While it is tempting to time your next property purchase based on where we are in the cycle, the best way to ensure long term success is to focus on finding suburbs with solid growth-trend indicators such as a high median value, low vacancy rates and strong demand from locals.

As well as offering a diverse range of residential properties, including freestanding houses, Melbourne’s modern apartments and townhouses have seen strong growth over the last decade. Changing demographics and family situations mean more Melburnians are choosing to trade their backyards for courtyards and balconies, with apartments and townhouses now being as sought-after as freestanding homes.

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