Small Storage Baskets For Shelves

Small storage baskets for shelves are a great way to keep your home tidy. They can be used in all types of rooms, including bathrooms and closets.

How do you use small storage baskets?

When choosing a basket for your shelf, consider its size and shape. You may need to choose a large basket for a high shelf or a small basket for a low shelf.

For shallow shelves, look for square or rectangular baskets. They’ll help prevent the annoying overhang that can occur when you use round baskets.

Two-tone baskets are a timeless way to bring some color into your space. They’ll also add some texture and interest if you have a very simple and neutral shelf.

Natural rattan storage baskets are a traditional and classic way to store clothes, accessories, beauty products, toys, letters, and other items. They’re handwoven with natural rattan for a stylish finish that will blend with a variety of aesthetics and colors.

The baskets are woven over a strong wire frame, giving them some real solidity while still keeping the look natural. They come in three different sizes and can be stacked on top of each other for nested storage.

To hang the baskets, mount them onto a wall using brackets and drywall anchors. If you’re mounting them directly into a stud, be sure to use a nut on the back of the bracket for extra support.

You’ll have to drill a pilot hole for the anchors to go through, but once you have them in place, your shelves will be organized for good. Plus, you’ll have a neat spot for your towels, toiletries, or any other items that need a home in the bathroom.

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