What Do You Wear To A Hen Party?

The hen party is coming up, and it’s a good reason to dress to the nines. Some bridal parties may have a costume theme, but others are more relaxed, allowing you to wear whatever vivid hues and glittering accessories your heart desires.

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There are no set guidelines for what to wear to a hen party; instead, you should let the activities you plan to participate in determine your wardrobe.

Find out what to dress to a hen party, whether you’ll be going out,  taking a dance lesson, or creating cocktails, by reading on!

A pre-wedding celebration for the bride-to-be, also known as a bachelorette party or hen party, a hen party is traditionally held with the bride’s female friends and family members.

The bride customarily has to enjoy one more night of revelry and celebration before the start of her new life as a married woman.

There are a lot of different things that may be done for hen parties, such as going to the spa, having breakfast, going out on the town, or even going away for the weekend.

What Do You Wear To A Hen Party?

The environment or the subject of the hen party can influence the attire that guests wear to the event. If the party is going to be a relaxed daytime affair like a spa day or brunch, comfy and casual apparel is the way to go.

Dressing in a semi-formal or formal manner may be more appropriate if the celebration is a more formal evening event, such as a night out on the town or a gourmet dinner.

It is usually a good idea to check with the host or the bride-to-be to see if they have a particular dress code or theme they would want to have at the event. In addition to that, you may put on an outfit that is cheery, entertaining and lifts your spirits.

Here are a few outfit ideas for different types of hen parties:

1. Spa Day:

Wearing clothes that are easy to move in and informal would be ideal for a spa day hen party. You might try wearing:

Wearing something light and airy like a sundress or a maxi skirt paired with a tank top can help you remain at a comfortable temperature as you unwind at the spa.

A comfortable alternative for a day spent relaxing at the spa would be a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

A robe and slippers, which you are welcome to wear not only during your spa treatments but also when you are socializing with your friends outside of the spa.

Accessories such as a sun hat with a brim as wide as possible, a pair of sunglasses, and a tote bag would be ideal for carrying all of your necessities. In addition, footwear that is easy on the feet, such as sandals or flip-flops, is another option worth considering.

It is always a good idea to check with the spa about any dress code or restrictions they may have before you arrive at the spa. Before you arrive, it is always a good idea to check with the spa.

2. Brunch: 

You might want to dress up a little bit more than you would for a day at the spa if you’re going to a brunch hen party instead. Some suggestions on what to wear include:

A sweet sundress made of breathable fabric and with a floral or pastel motif would be the ideal garment to wear to a brunch held outside on a warm day.

A jumpsuit is a piece of clothing that is extremely adaptable because it can be dressed up or down depending on the situation.

If you want to appear more put-together and sophisticated, a wonderful alternative for you would be to wear a blouse with a skirt. You might wear a skirt that is either midi or maxi length with a top that has an interesting print on it.

Your ensemble would be great with the addition of some accessories, such as a set of statement earrings, a purse, and a necklace that makes a statement. Wear some comfortable heels or wedges with your dress to complete the look.

3. Night Out On The Town: 

Dressing up in semi-formal or formal wear is an option for a hen party that will involve going out on the town. It would be okay to wear a jumpsuit, a cocktail dress, or even just a top with a skirt. Add some height to your look by donning high heels or strappy sandals.

4. Weekend Getaway: 

It is important to bring a choice of wardrobe options to a hen party weekend getaway so that you may participate in the various activities planned for the trip. Here are some suggestions for what to wear:

A lovely sundress, shorts, or a tank top are all excellent outfit choices for a day spent outside. Choose a sundress made of a lightweight fabric and patterned with flowers or pastels.

A good alternative for a casual day out would be a tank top paired with a pair of denim shorts, which would be another good option.

A jumpsuit or a cocktail dress would be two great options for an evening out on the town. You have the option of selecting a dress in a daring hue, one with a whimsical print, or one with a distinctive cut.

You may elevate the look of a jumpsuit by pairing it with heels and a necklace or bracelet that makes a statement.

Wearing comfy athleisure attire would be ideal for a day filled with greater physical activity. It would be beneficial to wear leggings, workout shorts, and a sports bra when engaging in activities such as hiking or yoga.

A cover-up, a pair of shorts, and a swimsuit or bikini are the essential pieces of clothing for a day at the beach. You might also want to bring a pair of flip-flops or sandals with you.

Depending on the forecast for the day, it is also a good idea to include a range of clothing that may be worn in layers, such as a sweater, a light jacket, and a scarf. Also, ensure that you bring along some comfy footwear, such as sandals or sneakers.

5. Themed Party:

For a themed hen party, like a costume party, you’ll want to dress in line with the theme. Here are a few outfit ideas for different types of themed parties:

Halloween Party:

Dress as your most beloved character from a book, movie, or show you’ve seen on television. You may also dress up as a traditional Halloween character like a witch, vampire, or ghost. This would be another option.

80s or 90s Party:

You should dress in clothes and accessories from the ’80s or ’90s if you’re going to a hen party with a theme from either of those decades. Here are a few concepts to consider:

Think leg warmers, scrunchies, and neon hues if you want to dress in a way that is reminiscent of the 1980s. You could put together an outfit consisting of a pair of acid-wash high-waisted jeans, a crop top, and some bright sneakers.

Alternately, you may wear a dress in a bright hue with a print that is more prominent, a pair of leggings, and a scrunchy in your hair.

Think grunge, slip dresses, and overalls when putting together an ensemble influenced by the 1990s. You could want to consider pairing a slip dress with a denim jacket, some combat boots, and a choker necklace.

Alternately, you might wear a set of overalls with a band t-shirt and some Converse sneakers.

Your ensemble would be excellent if you finished it off with some accessories such as a pair of sunglasses, a fanny pack, and a denim jacket. Complement the look you’ve created with a pair of platform shoes or sneakers.

Decades Party: 

Dressing in clothes and accessories from a specific decade is required if you wish to participate in a hen party with a decades-themed theme. The following are some suggestions for various decades:

Dress as a flapper from the 1920s by donning flapper garbs such as a dress with fringe, a feather boa, and a headpiece.

Dress as if you’re in the 1950s by donning rockabilly garbs such as a polka-dot dress, a leather jacket, and a pair of wingtip shoes.

Dress as if it were the 1970s and don a boho outfit, complete with a maxi dress, a denim jacket, and a pair of platform shoes.

Dress up as though it were the 1980s by donning neon colours, leg warmers, and scrunchies, as was suggested earlier.

Dress as if it were the 1990s by donning grunge styles such as overalls, slip skirts, and other such items.

Disco Party: 

You should dress in disco-inspired apparel for a hen party with a disco theme. Some examples of appropriate attire include a jumpsuit, bell-bottom pants, or a sequined dress.

To finish off your ensemble, consider accessorizing with a pair of sunglasses, a scarf, and some hoop earrings if you want to look your very best.

A necklace or pair of earrings in the shape of a disco ball would be a fun accessory to add to your ensemble.

Casino Night: 

For a hen party with a Casino Night theme, appropriate wear includes a suit and tie or a cocktail dress. Casual attire, such as jeans and a t-shirt, is not appropriate. Here are a few concepts to consider:

It would be ideal to wear a cocktail dress to the event, preferably in either the timeless black or a daring colour, along with heels and jewellery that makes a statement. A tiny black dress that either has a V-neckline or is styled as a wrap dress would be an excellent choice.

It would be appropriate for a man to wear a suit and tie, either in the traditional colour black or in a striking colour, along with dress shoes. The look might be made more sophisticated with the addition of a bow tie or a pocket square.

A tuxedo paired with a bow tie is another excellent choice for males, while women may consider wearing a fancy jumpsuit.

To finish off your ensemble, consider adding some accessories such as earrings, a bracelet, and a little pocketbook or clutch. Dress shoes or high heels are much more appropriate than more informal footwear options such as sandals or sneakers.

When it comes to throwing a party with a theme, the more elaborate and one-of-a-kind the decorations are, the better. In addition to this, check that the clothes you are wearing don’t bother you in any way.

It is usually a good idea to check with the party organizer or the bride-to-be for any specific dress code or theme they may have before the party. If they do not have a theme or dress code, feel free to come as you choose.


When trying to decide what to wear to a hen party, it is vital to take into consideration the event’s setting or theme, as well as the venue, the weather, and the general atmosphere of the party.

If you were having a hen party at a spa, you should dress comfortably and casually, but if you were going out for a night on the town, you should dress in a semi-formal or formal manner.

A hen party with a specific theme, such as a Halloween party or a disco party, would require the guests to wear costumes or apparel that is appropriate for the theme.

It is usually a good idea to check with the host or bride-to-be for any special dress code or theme they may have. If they do not specify either, it is a good idea to assume that neither applies.

The most essential thing is to make sure that you are feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, as well as to make sure that you are having fun.

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