What Is a Stringer?

Stair stringers are the supports that connect the treads of a staircase. They are usually spaced at least 16 inches apart and can be made of 2-by lumber or 5/4 decking, depending on the type of tread material used. Source : https://www.ryderwear.com/collections/mens-stringers

What is stringer in construction?

Stringers are also used in radio-controlled model airplanes to attach the wing to the fuselage. However, they should not be confused with thin balsa or ply wood strips that are glued to multiple formers and wing ribs for structural purposes.

Historically, stringers have been used in the construction of many types of vessels, including boats, ship and aircraft. The best material for a boat’s stringers is typically wood because of its durability and flexibility.

In the news industry, a stringer is an independent part-time or freelance journalist, videographer or photographer assigned by a news organization to cover areas outside of its traditional geographic coverage area. They may be based in cities or rural communities.

The role often fills voids left by other reporters who move on to other opportunities, or they can be hired to report stories that staff reporters are not able to cover due to time constraints or news coverage priorities.

The pay is good for a part-time or freelance position. The ability to work remotely allows stringers to have a flexible schedule that allows them to fit their work into their personal lives. Some stringers are also offered opportunities to travel to different locations to cover news events.

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